State of my brain

This isn’t so much a blog post as it is a laundry list of things I’ve got rolling through my head: responsibilities, projects, stuff I’ve been reading, etc. I think I need to just dump this somewhere so I can review it, so why not on my blog?

External projects:

  • District 60 Toastmasters spring 2013 conference. I am the workshops chair, and at the moment I am doing a lot of work regarding scheduling of the workshops and making sure workshop presenters have what they need in time. I am also presenting a workshop, which I need to finish preparing.
  • Ad Astra 2013 convention. As the game department supervisor, I’ve been dealing with what will be available to play and who will run individual sessions. Things started a bit late for this year’s conference so I’m playing a lot of catch-up.
  • Anime North 2013 panels. I’ll be on some game-related discussion panels, but there’s been a lot of issues getting things laid out with the panels I am on this year.

Internal projects:

  • Taptics. There’ve been a lot of bugs reported lately, but unfortunately the bug reports and crash traces aren’t providing me with enough information to fix them. I’m also implementing achievements, but I need help with designing the achievement icons.
  • MoodTracker. Currently stuck trying to make MoodTracker somewhat more portable so I don’t have to maintain different branches for Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8. My fault, and would have been entirely avoidable had I taken more time to plan before starting the code for it.
  • Business planning for Charabaruk Information Solutions. This is the name I plan to consult under. The business side of projects has never been my strong suit, instead I tend to focus on technical aspects. I’ve been putting a lot of thought onto how to build up business skills lately.


  • Foundations of Business Strategy and Calculus 101 on Coursera. Currently playing catch-up with my courses.


  • Gamers at Work by Morgan Ramsay. I preordered the book, received it within a week of launch, and still haven’t finished it. Still a few chapters to go.
  • Currently awaiting the 1.1 edition of Mindfire by Scott Berkun. It’s already had a soft launch on Amazon, but the ebook editions are going to be given away for free on Wednesday from the author’s website.
  • Various light novels and manga when I go to bed each night. It’s been a little while since I read any western fiction.

That’s what’s on top of my head right now, but no doubt there’s more. Hopefully I can clear out a bunch of tasks related to these over the week. Which reminds me, I should probably get back to doing weekly reviews.