Ad Astra 2013

It’s Ad Astra this weekend, so I’ll be fairly busy. This is my sixth year of running gaming for the convention.

I have a lot of fun here, even though I’ve had my fair share of troubles managing my department. This year has been no different in that regard, but the problems I’ve faced this time around have been in the planning and preparation stages, rather than execution (so far). It boils down to two issues that should be of concern for any group project: personnel and communication.

I’ll not name names or anything, partially because I am one of the people at fault for this (not just in a “buck stops here” way either). But yeah, it is incredibly important to know who you’ll be working with and what they will be responsible for from the get-go. Even more importantly, it is necessary that team members keep multiple lines of communication open at all times, and that they communicate early and often.

For future years and future projects, I hope that I will be able to maintain this knowledge.