Old game design documents

Every million years or so, I dig up and review some old game design treatments I wrote eons ago. They never got anywhere, not even to paper prototyping, but sometimes I still consider resurrecting them and making the games I had planned out. I got thinking about these again as I was building the new cold acid entertainment website, and figured I might as well post them here for anyone interested.

The two docs I’m posting today are for games that were tentatively titled “Valkyrie Dragon” and “Great Kingdoms”. The first was originally written around 2003, and was to be a cross between the mecha combat (a la Starsiege or Evangelion) and dating simulation genres. In short, it was Baldr Force with genetics instead of virtual reality. As for the second, it was written and tweaked over a period of time spanning 2002 through 2004, and was to be a real-time strategy where players would build their own fiefdoms (including vassal relationships to other players). This was the far more interesting (and further developed) treatment, although I determined I had neither the resources nor the inclination to follow through on developing it.

As other projects of mine either get retired or tossed on the heap of unfulfilled ideas, I might release their design documents too. In the meantime feel free to review these ancient treatments – perhaps they’ll inspire you to come up with something interesting.