I don’t know when to tell myself to stop.

Author H. L. Mencken Reading at His DeskWith all the stuff going on right now (new job, ongoing projects, Toastmasters, etc.) I’ve decided that I’m going to give NaNoWriMo a shot again this year. I had tried this once before, back in 2007, but I didn’t even make it to ten thousand words (never mind the 50K goal that NaNoWriMo pushes). Well, here we go again, and hopefully this time I’ll do a much better job of preparing.

When I wrote my attempt those six years ago, I had a concept in mind, but no plan – not an outline, not character sheets, nothing but Word for writing and Excel for tracking my progress. And well, the results aren’t pretty. This time around I plan to at least come up with a basic treatment of what I want to happen in the story, followed up with a stack of index cards stapled to loops of string so I know where the plot is going. So far, I don’t have much but a very simple concept that is still quite nebulous. I know I want to write a light novel, and that it should be in the future and involve cybertechy stuff and a tsundere girl. (Yeah, power levels are showing, sorry.) As for what happens in the story, and why, I have yet to figure out.

Oh, well! There’s 58 days to the start of November, and that should hopefully be enough time to figure that stuff out. It’s more than enough time for a cheap hack of a writer, so I should be fine. And if I make the goal, I might just look for someone to do illustrations, and self-publish. That’d be pretty cool.

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