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Pivoting Caesar Cipher: a toy encryption algorithm

As a fun little exercise, I decided I wanted to come up with an encryption algorithm. It’s nothing new, but it was enjoyable as a bit of a time-waster. In this exercise, I’ve come up with a variation on the classic Caesar cipher (also known as ROT-13), where we shift characters a certain amount in […]


An alternate US-International keyboard layout

The default US-International keyboard layout for Windows isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Primarily there are issues, in my mind, with regard to composing keys, but in addition to that there are other characters I’d like to have available in a US-International layout. I put together this particular layout a few years ago, but it’s […]


Good Enough versus Perfect

The perfect is the enemy of the good. – Voltaire Motivation to perform to perfection is a strong force in western society. The attitude that we have to be better than anyone else at something, to achieve perfection in our activities, has been a strong force throughout modern history, from the world’s nations down to […]


State of my brain

This isn’t so much a blog post as it is a laundry list of things I’ve got rolling through my head: responsibilities, projects, stuff I’ve been reading, etc. I think I need to just dump this somewhere so I can review it, so why not on my blog? External projects: District 60 Toastmasters spring 2013 […]